Ostrava Frameworks

Städtebaulicher Ideenwettbewerb mit Claim Architekten

Ostrava is undergoing a fundamental change from a location for heavy industries towards a city for the creative industries. Within this context the former brownfield Černá louka is supposed to be developed into a cultural cluster.

The proposal FRAMEWORKS conceives the cultural cluster Černá louka as one huge space of cultural production.

FRAMEWORKS combines and links different types of cultural production: high culture, everyday culture and agri-culture. The openness of the urban layout evokes and creates an immediacy of varied uses and spaces. The mixture of different functions within one building, as well as the neighborhood of different functions is essential for the productive potential of the cluster.

FRAMEWORKS is based on the idea of inhabitants and visitors becoming a crucial part of the development area.

The urban FRAMEWORKInserted structuresInserted programmCultural marketPerspective viewPerspective viewSuperposition of program and public space
Inserted structures
Inserted programm
Cultural market
Perspective view
Perspective view
Superposition of program and public space